Crown Prints, Van Kessel Inc. creates beautifully designed and executed Wholesale Framed Art. Located in the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge of Oregon we are surrounded by beauty that inspires. We translate that inspiration into framed art and wall decor that ignites your customer.

Since our opening in 1997 we have taken a great deal of pride in presenting the best the industry offers for wholesale framed art buyers in the furniture, gift, hospitality, and healthcare markets. We have developed relationships with regional artists and photographers who specialize in many genres. We procure a wide range of images domestically and internationally, always searching for unique photography and printed images from a very extensive group of publishing houses. Framing and matting materials are also procured from a wide range of local and nationwide manufacturers. We source the images and design their treatments in such a way that engenders warmth, creating wall décor that won’t be duplicated elsewhere.

We also take a great deal of pride in the fact that we manufacture that wholesale framed art domestically – in Oregon, USA

We have created a pricing structure for our framed art with you in mind – your success is our greatest priority. Presenting you with well-chosen, finely framed and strategically priced wholesale framed art and wall decor guarantees our mutual success.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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